Desktop APM Graph

Desktop APM provides a graph of how intensely you use your keyboard and mouse.
Statistics show how active you've been and how long you took breaks for.

Desktop APM Calendar

The in-built calendar makes browsing previous days easy.
Find out what you were doing days, months, even years prior.

Desktop APM Timeline

Hovering over a graph shows a preview of how your time was spent.
Timeline provides a comprehensive list of what tasks you were doing and when.

Desktop APM Timeline Graph

Browse applications and identify peak activity.
Select multiple applications to compares different applications on the same graph.

Desktop APM Rules

Rules give you powerful control over what Desktop APM tracks.
In the above example we ignore all applications using a wildcard (*) match, then add in three exceptions that we want Desktop APM to track.

Desktop APM Hotspots

Many features are waiting for you in Desktop APM.
Hotspots show where you click the most, set daily targets, export to spreadsheets and more.