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APM counter for Age of Empires II

Desktop APM tracks your APM in all PC games and applications, however you may only want APM tracking when you're playing your favorite game. Below is a guide on how to configure Desktop APM to track Age of Empires II.

Step 1 Download Desktop APM for free.

Step 2 Launch Desktop APM
Launch Desktop APM

Step 3 Open Timeline
Open Timeline

Step 4 Click the white arrow in the top-left of Timeline and navigate to Rules
Open Rules

Step 5 Delete all existing rules.
Delete Rules
Existing rules ensure that Desktop APM does not track the name of individual websites you visit. We're going to set up Desktop APM to only track Age of Empires II, so these rules are no longer needed.

Step 6 Click into the top input box and input the character *
Desktop APM: Add rule
Ensure the radio button Ignore is selected, and click Add.
Add Ignore All rule
This creates a rule that will ignore all applications.

Step 7 Now we will create an exception rule for Age of Empires II.
Desktop APM: Add rule for Age of Empires II
Click into the top input box and input the text "Age of Empires II".
The text is case sensitive, so ensure it matches exactly as shown.

Add Exception rule for Age of Empires II
Click the radio button for Exception and then click Add.

Step 8 Click the Apply button in the bottom right hand side of the screen.
Apply rules

Congratulations, you're done! Desktop APM has now been configured to only track APM and statistics during the use of Age of Empires II.

Age of Empires II is a registered trademark of Ensemble Studios and is in no way affiliated with Desktop APM